Hi!  I'm Jaclyn. 

I’m so happy you’ve found my website and are looking at my work. My passion is documenting families and weddings with beautiful authenticity. I have a flair for the non-traditional and try my darndest to make images that just feel good. Natural light, clean lines and genuine connection are a few of the things I’m always chasing. My little boy Creek fuels my passion for capturing life in all its glorious imperfection. While I do have a soft spot for his sweetly posed preschool pictures, what I desperately want to remember more than anything are his bruises, sweaty forehead and naked belly drooped over his diaper.

When it comes to photographing families, I’m all about finding the beauty in your interactions with each other at home. I believe your home is the most special place in the world and that when your children are all grown up they will cherish photos of themselves sitting on their old beds and playing in their childhood backyards. I frequently photograph families at other meaningful locations too and will work with you to determine what’s best for your family.

My approach to weddings is wholehearted and no-fuss. I take a documentary approach, capturing your day as it unfolds, stepping in and speaking up as needed but careful not to intrude. I’m especially crazy about small to medium sized weddings that take place outdoors, at home or in special, intimate environments.

If I sound like your girl, please get in touch so we can talk more and make some magic.