Foy Family

I met and photographed this sweet family in Raleigh a few weeks ago on an unseasonably warm morning. No complaints here! We played in their backyard which seemed to suit little Campbell and Liza Claire just fine. 


Edwards Family

I couldn't believe how much sweet Willa had changed since I photographed her in the hospital at just two days fresh. She was six weeks old the day I photographed her at home in Kinston and she was so alert and happy in her parents' arms. I think she's settled in quite nice!

Haddock Family

This longtime family of three became a family of four last month and, needless to say, they are all quite smitten with their new addition. Lillie Ruth weathered the cold like an old hat and ventured around her family's farm for some special photographs celebrating her arrival. 


How can a baby named Redford not be the most adorable specimen on the planet? I met and photographed the little guy at just three and a half weeks old. He was happy as could be and perfectly content in the arms of his mom and dad.

Willa Ann

To be invited inside a couple's first moments with their new baby is insanely awesome and humbling. Julie and Lee are crazy in love with their gorgeous, healthy daughter Willa and I got goosebumps just watching them swoon. True love!

Gossett Family

The Gossetts just expanded to a party of five and I was honored with the chance to capture a morning at their Raleigh home. Big sister Carson and big brother Ryan loved on their baby sister Anna then happily fled to their own devices. Here's to the good times ahead for these five!


Baby Turner is one beautiful, well-loved little girl. I enjoyed spending time with her and her smitten new parents one recent afternoon at their home.


Sweet baby Brinson is surely the sleepiest, snooziest baby I've ever photographed. She finally showed us her eyes as we were wrapping up and I'd say it was worth the wait! Congratulations Merrill and Travis on your little bundle. I hope the sleeping continues!

Hamrick Family

Just when I think I can't possibly love a set of photographs more, I do! I've known the Hamricks since I was little and was so honored for the chance to photograph them recently at Atlantic Beach. They just welcomed baby Webb into the family who has everyone swooning. He's only a few weeks old and couldn't be sweeter. They kept me and each other laughing all night and that, combined with gorgeous summer light, made for a perfect storm.


I first photographed baby Margo when she was just a few days old. Oh, how fast they grow! I couldn't believe six months had passed when her mom called me up to schedule another photo session. We met at the Oceanana Pier at Atlantic Beach one recent Sunday evening and little Margo was feelin' alright!