Tefft Family

I love when the stars align as they did for my recent afternoon with Michelle, Mike, Nolan and Brynlee. We met at Joyner Park in Wake Forest where the family has spent loads of time playing and exploring over the years. The weather was gorgeous and the kids were wildly adorable. I loved my time with them.

Davis Family

My third time photographing these three was just the best. We met at Pullen Park in Raleigh and little Margo - so full of spunk! - had a ball taking in the sights and sounds. She turned one in December and I have absolutely loved watching her grow and change over the past year.

Burleson Family

Every once in a while I just fall completely in love with a set of photographs and this is one of those sets. Lisa, Rob, Trey and Grace met me at a park in Greenville just before Christmas and I am seriously digging the images we made together.

Foy Family

I met and photographed this sweet family in Raleigh a few weeks ago on an unseasonably warm morning. No complaints here! We played in their backyard which seemed to suit little Campbell and Liza Claire just fine. 


Moore Family

The Moredecai House in Raleigh was the perfect setting for my pre-Thanksgiving shoot with Sara, Daniel, Reeves and Tyler. We explored the grounds and touched everything from the muscadine grapes to the pilgrim houses (as Reeves dubbed them). This was my second time photographing this beautiful family and I do love these images!

Crowder Family

I spent a recent late afternoon with this adorable family of four in Raleigh. We explored every corner, tree and wall of Fletcher Park and got the photographs to prove it. Here's a little taste.

Gillis Family

I met and photographed this beautiful little family a couple weeks ago in Greenville. I wanted to put Mary Catherine in my pocket and take her home with me. She was the mostest cutest.

Haddock Family

This longtime family of three became a family of four last month and, needless to say, they are all quite smitten with their new addition. Lillie Ruth weathered the cold like an old hat and ventured around her family's farm for some special photographs celebrating her arrival. 

Roberson Family

I've had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family on several occasions and had another easy afternoon with them a couple weeks ago. They'll be moving out of their Bethel home soon so we made the most of our pretty afternoon light in their well-loved front yard.

Kiefer Family

Sometimes I just really really love the pictures I make with a family and I really really love these particular pictures of these particular folk. I've known Pamela and Jeff for as long as I've lived in Greenville. Both are very talented artists and, naturally, created a very wonderful little boy named Connor who I've had the good fortune of photographing since birth. Of course, he injured his chin the day before our shoot but, alas, some imperfections are really quite perfect. We had great fun together as always.

MacKenzie Family

Anne, Todd and two-year-old Grace invited me to their home recently to capture their little family, including Grace's two loving and well-loved grandmothers. It was a perfect fall afternoon and we were blessed with that most gorgeous golden light.

White Family

More than anything, I love when friends call me to photograph their families. I was thrilled when Catherine asked me to meet her at her in-laws' home in Henderson to mark the occasion of her little girl Laurin's first birthday. The newly minted toddler was more than eager to toddle around barefoot with us in the yard. Big brother Holden, Mom and Dad joined in for a few special shots too.

Gossett Family

The Gossetts just expanded to a party of five and I was honored with the chance to capture a morning at their Raleigh home. Big sister Carson and big brother Ryan loved on their baby sister Anna then happily fled to their own devices. Here's to the good times ahead for these five!

Jarrell Family

I admit I winced a bit when Allison suggested meeting at a putt-putt course to shoot her family's portraits. I envisioned lots of distractions and minimal charm. Oh, how wrong I was! The Patio Playground at Topsail Beach is unchanged from 1955. It is so retro and absolutely charmed my pants off. It was a big part of Allison and her brothers' childhoods and, ultimately, the most appropriate place ever to photograph their big, beautiful family.


My little friend Georgia (6) begins chemotherapy tomorrow for her leukemia that was discovered last week. She is heavy in my heart right now and if you have room in yours, please keep her there as well. She's a special girl. Her mom Amber has started a CaringBridge page to share their journey. She's a strong and special person too. We took these pictures today at their house. I love them all so much! 

Yelle Family

On the occasion of their tenth wedding anniversary, I was invited to Boston to document Gray and Marc's little family (starring the adorably dashing almost-three-year-old Liam) as well as their fabulous celebratory harbor cruise with friends. On Saturday afternoon, we ventured to Boston Common in the heart of the city for some photographs. I've had the pleasure of photographing Gray, Marc and Liam before in North Carolina but enjoyed even more the chance to capture them on their Massachusetts home turf. Stay tuned for a peek at their Saturday evening cruise!

Simons Family

I love this family. A friend since college, Kelley and her husband John have supported me and my business from the beginning. This was my third time photographing their beautiful, happy, growing family in Raleigh. A joy!