Kelsey & Andrew

This girl, one of my favorite people since first grade who I used to do all sorts of hilarious and inappropriate things with, is having a baby! She's going to be the best mom ever and her sweet husband is going to be a really really great dad. I'm so happy for them and even happier that I had a chance to photograph them (visiting from Brooklyn) over the holidays. They call their baby-girl-to-be Dr. Z, so here's to the doctor!


I photographed this beautiful, glowing mama at 37 weeks pregnant. She and her husband are anticipating their little guy's arrival any day now. Just gorgeous! 

Julie & Lee

One of my most favorite shoots to date. Julie and Lee invited me to their family's house on Durham Creek where Lee has hunted, fished and played since he was a kid. Their four dogs joined us and the light was gorgeous. Julie even made her way into the sun warmed water. Their excitement over baby Squirrel's arrival (as they affectionately call her) was completely honestly infectious.