Moore Family

I photographed this beautiful family for the third time in November and love the images too much not to share on the blog. So, I'm finally getting around to it! The three little ones are such individuals with the sweetest personalities. We explored all around outdoors at the North Carolina Museum of Art. A perfect fall day it was!

Hogan Family

I love this family and I loved my night with them several weeks ago at the beach. Here's a little peek at our time together. The first photo? Cohen may or may not have been sizing me up like a buck. 

Proctor Family

I have all the feels for this recent family session in Greenville. Jordan and Rocky are so authentic and beautiful and interesting and did not care even a little bit that sweat was running down their faces. They played with and loved on their three precious children a few nights ago at Jordan's parents' house while I documented. It was everything I love.

South River

Naked babies, late afternoon sunlight and a water hose are pretty much the only ingredients needed for a memorable summer weekend. Creek and his cousin Julia played their hearts out not long ago at my husband's family's special old house in South River - set just off the Neuse across from Oriental. Homemade strawberry icecream and well-poured gin and tonics were other good ingredients. 

Simons Family

These good folks have trusted me for the past six years to document their little family of four. We've all done a lot of growing in that time and I love them for sticking with me. Here's a peek at our Sunday morning together outside at the art museum.

Gay Family

I love the connection that comes from photographing a family multiple times. It's always an honor to be asked back even once. This was my fourth time photographing Elise and Mitch's family - but my first for their new addition Adelaide. She was an absolute doll and already very very well loved - especially by big brother Webb.

Year in Review: Families

What an incredible year. Close to 60 families invited me into their homes (or similarly special places) to document their laughter, new babies, favorite toys, vegetable gardens, pets and, most importantly, their love for one another. My goal with every family session is to capture these ordinary things in the most real and beautiful way I know how. Often that means showing the wrinkles, messy playrooms and scabs. Authentic storytelling is my jam and I am eternally grateful to the people, my clients and friends, who trust me with their stories. Here's a smattering from this past year's family sessions. 

Harris Family

There's nothing better than when clients become friends and now that I've photographed this sweet, smart family several times and watched Carrie Anne grow from a tiny baby into a spunky little girl, I'm definitely calling them friends. I loved reconnecting with them the other week at their new home in Raleigh.

Amburn Family

My most favorite place to photograph a family is at home and I had the best afternoon a few weeks ago with these four at their new one. Where else can you play hopscotch, collect leaves and look for dead cicadas? I loved my time with these guys.

Doran Family

I first met and photographed these folks last year at Topsail Beach when their little boy Davis was born. He's now a year old and full of personality and curiosity. I met them in Raleigh a few weeks ago and had the best afternoon reconnecting.

Patterson Family

I met Katie, Kyle and their newly minted one-year-old Evie a couple weeks ago in Raleigh at Katie's childhood home. The light in Katie's old bedroom was perfection so that's where we started. We then ventured down the street towards Shelley Lake in search of more good light. It was a morning well spent...


Proctor Family

There's just something extra brilliant about these people. Their home is so warm and so functional and so inviting that I itched to photograph and remember every corner. Jordan radiates a beautiful calm energy that her boys respond to and her husband Rocky is equally hands-on present. They live a rich life in downtown Greenville and being invited in to document their summer evening made my heart sing.

Simons Family

I don't understand where the years go but this family of four (at the time, three) was the first family I ever photographed back in 2011. I started my blog a few days later. Liza was just weeks old when I lured them out to Fletcher Park in Raleigh in the middle of the day for overexposed, mediocre photos of their tiny new precious baby. I was hooked. Thank you Kelley and John for trusting and humoring me way back when - and for continuing to be dear friends and clients. I love you guys!

Clark Family

I explored a local park up and down with this foursome several nights ago. We looked for snakes, dug in the dirt and found a baby turtle begging to be held. Boys are the best.

Myrick Family

I met this gorgeous family of three a couple weeks ago in Atlantic Beach for some late-in-the-day picture takin'. I've known and adored mama Dolly for a long time so it was extra sweet getting to photograph her with her two boys - Jason and little Battle.

Warren Family

This family I adore. I photographed little Cam (short for Camille) when she was just a few weeks old. To see her again in all her toothy goodness was such a treat. She is crazy about her mom and dad and they about her. All as it should be.