The last time I was in Jackson Hole, my six-month-old Creek was in my arms so I managed a lot of scenic snuggles but only a handful of iPhone snaps. More recently though, we were there with friends and child-free so I was basically as happy as could be hiking, exploring and taking pictures whenever I darn well pleased. We ate and drank and listened to some really really good music. It was heaven. Truth be told, our trip was back in September but I'm just now finding the time to share on my blog. 

A note about the woman pictured below in crazy leggings and socks: She was all of 80 years old, face full of deep wrinkles, and out hiking alone with her dog named Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. She was an artist with a pottery studio in town. We chatted a while on the trail and I so wish I'd had the courage to ask to photograph her. Instead, I turned and snapped one as we parted ways. Lesson learned.